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Welcome to Q’s Pool & Snooker

Q’s is fully equipped with 6 competition 7ft tables, 3 full size snooker tables in separate quiet room and 5 dartboards complete with house darts if you need them.

With events weekly and more to still come be sure to check out our events page for more information.


Pool, Snooker & Darts in Butler ,Western Australia


Come as a family, mates, or dates.


Q’s is good for all.


Under 14year olds must be accompanied and supervised whilst playing at Q’s, 14+ more than welcome at our venue. Check out our upcoming events for our family and youth tournaments


Q’s is the newest venue to come to the northern suburbs and is a family owned and operated venue.  With that we aim to offer a family friendly venue where all can relax, play and enjoy table sports.  


All tables are slate bed and covered by 6811 strachan cloth giving the best experience possible.  All lit with canopy lighting for the best coverage and uniformity of light across the tables playing surface.

Pool & Snooker in Butler
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3 Full size 12x6ft in separate quieter room to pool hall complete with own w/c facilities so no trekking to far when nature calls.  Whether you play snooker or billiards, this is the venue that you will love.



6 competition standard custom made ball return 7ft tables  complete with space to ensure you enjoy your games whether a friendly knock or a race to a tally.  We have a variety of quality house cues and competition and house balls (red/yellow) and the favourite ‘bigs/smalls’ and kelly pool for the larger groups.


5 blade 5 dual core boards with LED surround for a shadow free board when playing.  With marked oche and individual dry mark scoreboards it is all you need for a quality night of darts. 


TV Screen

We show a variety of table sports live and other sports as a background ambience to our venue.



Pricing & Membership


$16/hr - Pool Table

$16/hr - Club Snooker Table

$20/hr - Match Snooker Table

$10/hr - Darts

Alcohol corkage/table $10/1st hr, $5/hr 

Memberships (as per photo)



Q’s Pool & Snooker run a range of events for the community.


Keep an eye on this page for upcoming events or easier like and follow us on Fb to keep updated on future events. 



If you need to contact Q’s Pool & Snooker for any reason feel free to call us on our mobile or via Facebook


TEL: 0414777501




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Snacks and drinks

Here at Q’s we value our equipment but appreciate you all need a feed.

So we offer a range of drinks and hot and cold snacks to satisfy your appetite whilst playing.  All we ask is please ensure you wash or wipe greasy fingers prior to playing. Thankyou.


Q’s offer various refrigerated soft drinks and flavoured and still waters.

Chips, candy bars, hot chips, chicken nuggets and goujons, onion rings. 


Alcohol at Q’s

Q’s are not currently licensed to sell alcohol but we will obtain a license in the near future.

In the interim Q’s offer a BYO option for our patrons.  This enables you to bring your own tipple whilst enjoying our venue. We do charge a corkage fee per table per hour for this option. We have designated fridge for BYO to keep cool.  See Pricing and Membership table for more details.

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